Åland is a secondary character and Sweden's boyfriend. He is Finland's cousin and although his basic personality is very similar to Sweden's, he has a "Finnish" hair-trigger temper and can be so savage when angered that anyone would be intimidated.He is also incredibly protective of Sweden,and it's not a wise idea to find out what happens when you get in the way of his happiness according to Humon.


As mentioned above, Åland is Sweden's boyfriend. The two have a very stable and comfortable relationship thanks to their many commonalities such as language, love of computers, and antipathy with Finland. Sometimes Sweden, Åland, Denmark, and Norway all go out together to enjoy something on the spectrum between "guys' night out" and "double date".


Åland doesn't like either of his cousins very much. Brother Finland takes every opportunity to pick on him and Sweden just out of spite, and Sister Finland sees herself as Åland's rival for Sweden's affection and behaves accordingly. He doesn't seem to hold anything against FennoSwede, however.

The WorldEdit

Being a semi-autonomous territory of Finland rather than a full-fledged nation, Åland doesn't have much of a reputation on the world stage. Those who have crossed him know better than to mess with him, however. Even the mighty Russia cannot withstand Åland's battlefield ferocity. It appears that the only country who isn't afraid of Åland is America, who exclaimed, "GOD HATES YOU" upon discovering the relationship between Åland and Sweden.


Åland is tall and slim, with blue eyes and short, bristly, dull brown hair. He is a casual dresser, wearing slacks or jeans, a collarless long-sleeved shirt with the design of his flag, and what appear to be calf-high boots (his feet have only ever been seen in the comic's normal style, making it hard to tell). His glasses have square rims, making them instantly distinguishable from Sweden's. Humon once turned him into a girl, supposedly in order to mollify reader complaints about the homosexuality, and in that form (s)he had shoulder-length hair and exaggerated lips.