Brother France is thus far the only "Brother" nation to make an appearance. (Technically, all the male country spirits can have the title "Brother," but they usually aren't called that.) First introduced in the print booklet "France," he is every bit as arrogant and moody as his sister, and also displays a strange blend of high acculturation and vulgarity. According to Humon, he is a temperamental artist who paints in the nude. He is also prone to public urination and is apparently a very aggressive and unpredictable driver. Like France herself, he is bisexual.

He is depicted with short black hair combed back from the forehead, a "pencil" mustache, and blue eyes. He wears a high-necked, short-sleeved jersey with the design of the French Tricolore, tight black pants (very tight--let's just say they show off his "population" to great advantage), black gloves and shoes, and a blue beret. Sometimes he is shown wearing a red ascot.