Canada is a secondary character in the comic. He is the most mild-mannered member of England's huge family, a difference that might be chalked up to the fact that he joined the family via adoption. Sociable and easygoing, he finds it easy to get along with other countries. He is often pushed around by his overbearing brother America, but he handles it with good humor and is in fact one of the few people who can stand up to America without being completely intimidated.



Canada is on very good terms with the Scandinavian countries, sharing certain features with them such as Arctic territory and socialized healthcare. He and Denmark once got into a fight over the ownership of a puppy (representing the tiny, barren Hans Island), but only because America and Sweden were egging them on. Also, all they did was wave their flags at each other.


Canada is the child of France by birth, but was adopted by England at an early age and grew up having to cover for America and Australia when they got up to no good. Somehow everything worked out for him, and to this day he has avoided any sort of fight or tension with his various family members. To this day, he frequently hangs out with America because they are neighbors. He spends a lot of time sitting on America's head as his "hat" and is the first person America runs to when he is feeling insecure. Canada x America has also been listed as one of the official SatW couples (though it seems Humon is not interested in making this a genuine couple).

Canada's sister has only been seen once, and it was in a portrait picture rather than a comic.

The WorldEdit

Canada has a largely low-key personality and doesn't make waves on the world stage. He may have something going on with Sister Netherlands, who gives him an annual gift of tulips to commemorate his bravery in rescuing her and her brother from Nazi Germany in World War 2.


In sharp contrast to America, Canada is short and skinny, with a fair complexion and thick, curly brown hair. He wears a mustache, goatee, and heavy muttonchops. Even as a child, he already had the goatee and was starting to grow some impressive sideburns. He also has an epic case of body hair. He's just a fluffy guy, physically as well as in personality. He usually wears jeans, tall hiking boots, and a long-sleeved shirt with the design of the Canadian flag. Sometimes the sides of the shirt are red, and sometimes it's only the sleeves.