We're very proud of our wiki here, and we're very glad you've decided to help us our with it! That said, we would appreciate you following these guidelines in order to keep the pages concise and consistent while still being informative:


  • Read several existing pages before you dive in and start editing, and especially before creating new pages. This will give you an idea of how we arrange the information here, especially when it comes to characters.
  • Include links in the articles, both to other pages on the wiki and to the Scandinavia and the World website. The “chain” icon in the editing tools allows you to do both very easily. The first time another character’s name comes up on a page, link to their page. When you reference a specific strip, link to it!
  • Use photo editing software to remove text and speech lines from any images you decide to use. It just looks nicer that way.


  • Make stuff up. If there is no actual evidence for something in the comics--even if it applies to the real-world country--don't include it. Some speculation is okay, but make sure to mark it as such using wording like "may be" or "possibly." The purpose of this wiki is to inform people about Scandinavia and the World as it exists, not to build the world beyond what Humon has shown us.
  • Delete large portions of text from a page. Remember that every word you see here is the result of someone’s work. It’s rude to erase the work of others. You can certainly add information, and tweaking or rearranging existing text is fine, but the only reasons to delete something are if it’s completely redundant or else false (see above).
  • Create pages for individual comic strips. We had a few of those in the early days, but decided we didn’t want them. The category still exists, but we prefer it to remain empty. There is already a remarkable website where people can go to look at the Scandinavia and the World strips…it’s called satw-comic.com
  • Go crazy adding images or quotes. We only really need enough to illustrate a character or subject fully—too much, and we risk taking the place of the actual webcomic. Five quotes is plenty for most characters, and make sure they all make sense out of context. Avoid adding more than one quote from the same strip unless both are really good for summarizing the character.
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