Estonia is a minor character. Something of a lovable loser, she desperately wants to be considered a Nordic country (so she can attend parties with the cute Nordic boys) , but so far most other countries count her as solely Baltic along with Latvia and Lithuania. In the past, God tried to bestow upon her a red-and-white flag to make her victorious in battle, but the first draft was stolen by Denmark and the second by Latvia.

Finland is on more-or-less friendly terms with her, for all the good it does, and she emulates him in some ways such as drinking a lot of vodka and wearing a similar style of hat. The rest of the Nordic gang however find her clingy and don't like being around her, at least not at their Nordic parties. Whether she counts her Baltic fellows as friends is debatable. While some of their conversation in this comic resembles the way friends would refer to one another ('Look who's trying to be Nordic"), it also seems uneasily bitter. Of course, it could just be their personalities. It is very likely Estonia is jealous of Scotland, as he is very accepted by the Nordics when he proposes joining their group.


  • "I want to party with the cute booooys!!!!"
  • "WHYYY!!!"
  • "I'm finally a Nordic! There's no greater authority than Eurovision!"