Denmark and America in "Tall food"

Food, a great cultural signifier, is a recurring topic in the comic strips. Very early on, we were introduced to Sweden's fondness for dinner parties, but the first strip where food itself took center stage was the appropriately named "Tall Food is Good Food," which pits America's hamburger against Denmark's more elaborate smørrebrød.

"Nordics Like Fish" shows us that what one country finds perfectly normal in terms of nosh, another might find utterly horrifying. This theme crops up again in "Make a good impression" and "Exotic Food," which also features a cross-section of Nordic dishes for special occasions.

Fat Europe

King Europe after eating Denmark's Risalamande

Some characters even have signature foods/beverages that they carry around nearly constantly as props. Norway has his fish (though sometimes it seems more a pet than a snack), Germany has his sausage, and Denmark has his beer. Finland also carries around a bottle of beer...or is it vodka? Or something even stronger? Beyond that, Norway is known to be overly fond of coffee, and England is of course notorious for his tea. King Europe is something of a taste tester around Europe, judging Nordic food and making political decisions based on how he rates a country's cuisine. It should also be noted that America can eat whole bowls of food that other countries can't eat more than two bites of

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