Satw France
France, despite being one of the most famous European nations, is only a minor character in the Scandinavia and the World comic. She is one of the few female country spirits not referred to as a "Sister" (though some fans do call her that). She displays mercurial moods, shifting rapidly from indignation to flirtatiousness or vice-versa. She is a bit of a snob who insists upon having things her own way and sometimes carries on her side of a conversation in French even though most other countries don't understand it.

Relationships Edit

Scandinavia Edit

France has clashed with the Scandinavian countries over the subject of their flags, taking them as religious symbols which she doesn't like to have on display in her home. (She had absolutely no problems with them going nude, however.("Religious flags") She once mistook Sister Denmark for a man and tried to bed "him," only for the disappointing truth to come out once they were both undressed.

Family Edit

France is Canada's mother, though she gave him up for adoption to England when he was still young and has never been seen interacting with him in the comic. Brother France has finally shown up and proven, like most sibling counterparts, to be much like his sister in temperament.

The World Edit

France has not made enough appearances in the comic yet for her relationship with most other characters to be well-established. Fans had long speculated that she doesn't get along well with England (based on historical fact and the official postcards, which show them bickering), and this was finally confirmed in the "France" print booklet, about half of which consists of a furious row between the two. She is a member in good standing of King Europe's club.


France is depicted with light skin and long, straight black hair combed backward from her forehead. She wears a high-necked, sleeveless minidress with the design of the French Tricolore and accessorizes heavily with sheer black stockings, black shoes of an indeterminate style, a blue beret, round-lensed sunglasses, silver stud earrings, and a long black cigarette holder. The postcard image shows her carrying a red handbag. Très chic.