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No Invitation

Germany is a secondary character who first appeared in "No Invitation." Due to his proximity to Denmark (canonically he is Denmark's third-best friend), he makes more appearances than most other non-Nordic characters. He is a meek, sensitive fellow tormented by guilt from his past and paranoid about ever succumbing to nationalistic pride again. He doesn't even like to display his flag, which creates a bit of a paradox since, like all the characters, he wears it as a shirt. His horror of such things is probably misplaced--Nazi Germany is an entirely different character. As long as that topic is avoided, though, Germany knows how to have fun. One of his finest moments in recent years was winning the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.


Scandinavia: The Scandinavians have a reasonably high opinion of Germany, although they think he needs to get over his horror of his past and loosen up. They are also puzzled by his habit of stealing "Moose Crossing" signs in Norway and Sweden, and digging huge holes at the beaches of Denmark and The Netherlands . Denmark is his neighbor and likes to go over to his place to drink because the beer is cheaper.

Family: Germany has a sister, about whom not much is known as she has only made one appearance. His relationship with Nazi Germany is uncertain (Brothers? Cousins?) but either way, he finds Nazi Germany absolutely mortifying and is heartbroken that his evil counterpart is more internationally famous than he is.

The World: Germany makes ongoing attempts to strike up a romance with Sister Japan. She seems receptive to the idea, but unfortunately, Denmark and The Netherlands get a kick out of playing on her yaoi fetish and are prone to showing up out of nowhere to feel him up, causing an explosive nosebleed which rather spoils the moment.


Germany is depicted with unkempt brown hair and a scraggly mustache. He tends to dress down, in jeans, sneakers, and a polo shirt or short-sleeved collared shirt with the design of the German flag. He is sometimes seen carrying a large sausage. Full-sized illustrations show that he has light blue eyes and youthful features.


"Noooooo!!! I've changed!! I really have!! I'm sorry!! I've changed!! I promise!!" - 'Not A Yahtzee'

"People die when I'm proud!" - 'Evil Flag'