Greenland is one of the secondary characters of the comic. He is a former roommate of Denmark and is still financially dependent on him as a territory. Denmark takes advantage of their relative status to push Greenland around, although it doesn't seem to be out of malice. Because of this, and because Denmark introduced Greenland to beer and turned him into an alcoholic, Greenland strongly dislikes him. Denmark seems fairly oblivious to this fact, however.

Greenland is depicted with tan skin, slit-shaped eyes, and short, straight, very dark brown hair. He wears a long-sleeved shirt with the Greenlandic flag on it, dark pants, and white boots. On occasion, Denmark makes him wear a costume, such as Santa Claus or one of the Olsen Brothers.

Quotes Edit

  • "Go fuck yourself Denmark! You ruined my life! I've told you I don't want to hang with you anymore!"
  • "I hate you, Denmark. Why did you drag me here? I don't want to do this."
  • "Of all your stupid ideas, Denmark..."