Hans Island
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He may be cute, but he brings out the worst in everyone.


Disputed Island


Canada's / Denmark's pets


Canada/Denmark (Disputed owners)


North America

First Appearance


Hans Island is the smallest of three islands near Greenland's coast, which Denmark and Canada have been fighting over for years. To show his smallness and cuteness, Hans Island is portrayed as a small puppy which both Denmark and Canada want.


The "war" for Hans was probably the tamest war ever fought, mainly encouraged by Sweden and America to make their sides hate each other.

This is represented by both Denmark and Canada admiring the puppy, Hans, until they both realize they want to take him home, when America and Sweden arrive and provoke them into fighting. They then proceed to fight by hitting each other with their flags, while Hans licks himself. (Canada and Denmark hitting each other with their flags represents their country's soldiers leaving their ships and taking each other's flags down and then raising their own.)