Diva Humon

Humon is the pseudonym that the artist of Scandinavia and the World has given herself. She was born in Denmark but prefers to write her comics in English in order to be accessible to a wider audience. Her work is commonly related to Scandinavia in some way (i.e. based in Denmark, based on Nordic mythology, etc.) and the characters are almost always humans or anthropomorphic creatures.

Her most popular webcomic is Scandinavia and the World, which parodies national stereotypes, but other notable comic series by Humon include Niels, which is about a bisexual Danish crime lord, Love And Tentacles, which is about the relationship between a human and a fictional octopus-like being called a tentacula, and Manala Next Door, which is about the relationship between a Hindu demon and a Japanese kappa.

She sometimes portrays herself as a Jekyll & Hyde character who switches between the humble and friendly Regular Humon, and Diva Humon (pictured), a prissy and demanding prima donna of the convention circuit.

Diva mode

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