Japan, a minor character, is the only Asian nation to have a significant presence in the comic so far. He is a polite, soft-spoken overachiever who occasionally puzzles or offends other countries with his customs.



Japan is on good terms with the Scandinavians, and visits in both directions are apparently a common occurrence. Sweden invites him to tea parties, and Denmark likes his robots even if Japan's motives for inventing them are rather bigoted. Denmark is also impressed by Japan's ability to identify Freetown Christiania's gender at a glance; his experience with anime and manga makes him an expert at telling the difference between girls and long-haired boys.


Japan's sister has made almost as many appearances as he has. Humon has stated that China is Japan's father, but the relationship has never come up in the comic.

The WorldEdit

Japan is well-liked by most of the other countries. America and King EU consider him especially cool, to the point where they showered him with foreign aid after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami even though he pointed out that many other island nations in the area were more in need of the help.


Japan has a yellowish complexion and eyes that appear to always be closed - these are stereotypical Far Eastern features. His hair is black and neatly combed with a left-side part. He wears a businesslike collared shirt with the design of the Hinomaru and oval-rimmed glasses.