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North America

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Denmark's Gaydar

Mexico is a minor character in SatW. She is one of the few countries who's lead representation is a female. Her first appearance was in the comic Denmark's Gaydar . Humon stated in the description of that comic that "Yes, I made Mexico a girl just so I could make this joke". So far most of what we know about her comes from what Humon tells her audience, as Mexico has only had speaking lines in one strip. She is a poor yet beautiful woman with strong religious (presumably Catholic) morals.


America: Mexico's relationship with America is the only one that's been developed so far. The two of them are dating and, though Humon has said that they love each other, Denmark seems to think America is dating her for ulterior motives. Mexico sees America as a "rich and handsome man with the power to help her out of poverty." The two appear to enjoy dancing together. Currently they are engaged in an innocent and non-sexual relationship, due to America's sexual hang ups and Mexico's religious abstinence.

Family: Nothing is know about her relationship with her family so far, although like all countries, she has an opposite-sex sibling. Humon has said that America dislikes Brother Mexico--a metaphor for immigration controversy. Though it has never been stated for certain, one can theorize that, like England is America's dad, Spain may be Mexico's dad.


Mexico has very curvy hips, a Latin American skin tone, and black hair that she wears in a bun with flowers decoration. In the most recent strip, the bun appears to be a wrapped braid. Her dress, patterned after the Mexican flag, is long, sleeveless, and figure-hugging with a lace collar.