Norway, Swenden and Finland dressing up for Nordic metal.

Music is an important cultural hallmark and thus gets its share of attention in the comic, and the greatest role has been given to a significant form of international musical comparison, the Eurovision Song Contest.

Eurovision Song Contest[edit | edit source]

Norway playing his winning Eurovision song "Fairytale".

Every year since the strip started, the events of the contest have been spoofed, one way or another. The first mention, naturally, referenced Norway's impressive 2009 victory, and was directly followed by a comic showcasing some of the winning Nordic entries over the years. By 2010, it had already become a SatW tradition. 2011's show was a bit of a letdown after the merry chaos of 2010, but 2012 more than made up for it, especially with Sweden taking first place.

Apart from Eurovision, Humon has paid tribute to the Nordic metal scene and, somewhat oddly, American hiphop. The comic's finest musical moment, however, has to be the Nordic five in their very own garage band!

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