North Pole is a minor character who first appeared in the comic "Climate Conference in Copenhagen". She does not speak--perhaps a metaphor for the fact that the real North Pole is not part of any country and thus has no political "voice"--and the region's literal coldness is translated into a "cold" and haughty personality. However, lately she has been thawing out...and it is rumored that she is quite wealthy (speculated Arctic oil reserves).


Let's not kid ourselves--the only reason anyone is interested in North Pole is because of her money. America and Russia are the strongest contenders, leaving poor Denmark out of the running. And if he can't have her, he'd prefer her to remain single.

America also maintains that North Pole is the real home of Santa least until he sees her crabby reaction to the idea.


North Pole has long white hair worn in a single braid, pale blue eyes and very fair skin. She wears a plain white dress and a permanently annoyed expression.