Romania is a vampire.

Romania is minor character in SATW.


Romania looks like a vampire. He wears a cape, has red eyes, has black hair, has a long shirt Romanian flag shirt, he has light skin and has vampire teeth.


Nordics - He is hated by some of the Nordics. He seduces Sister Iceland, Sister Denmark and Denmark to steal their money.

World - He is not very popular. He is possible friends with The Netherlands becuase they play a game together. Aswell as seducing those three he seduces Sister England and Sister America.

Family - His parents are Italy and Bulgaria. Moldova is his sister - she was created by Russia who tore a piece of Romania. That piece eventually grew into Moldova, but left Romania with a void he desperately wanted to fill, turning him into a vampire. Romania and Moldova have been trying to get back together for a long time but Russia left Transnistria in charge to make sure that never happens.