Russia petting a kitten and smoking

Russia 2


Russia is at best a secondary character in the Scandinavia and the World comics despite the country's importance on the world stage. His appearances so far do not have a constant theme, but he seems to look back fondly on the days when he was a global superpower and try little tricks to get back on top, from angling for North Pole's favor to getting hammered and stalking his former territories.

Relationships Edit

Nordics Edit

Russia got on surprisingly well with Denmark when the latter was a child, though nowadays the Scandinavians seem to have a lukewarm opinion of him. Sweden in particular must feel ambivalent toward Russia, who is indirectly responsible for his difficulties with Finland. As for Finland himself, well, he's just plain terrified of his erstwhile ruler. Fortunately for both Sweden and Finland, Åland is savage enough to make Russia think twice about messing with that corner of the world.

Family Edit

Sister Russia has made a couple of appearances, most notably when she took second place in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.

Other Edit

Despite whatever tensions exist, Russia is tolerated enough by the other European countries to be a guest at Greece's drinking party. (This suits him just fine - he loves his vodka!) He has been seen interacting with America a couple of times, and on surprisingly non-hostile terms given their recent history. However, that is not to say that Russia and America have let go of their old rivalry completely. The two of them have fought over spots of land for its precious oil, as well as Competed for North Pole's heart in order to get her oil. America also has none too pleasant things to say about Russia and Italy. Yet, the two can get along at times. Russia and America once watched a movie together, though Russia's sense of humor is overwhelmingly different from America's. It would seem that other countries are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt...for now.

Appearance Edit

Russia is depicted as an elderly man with a bushy iron-gray beard, which is noticeably shorter in early comics. He wears a snow jacket with the design of the Russian flag, white or black gloves/mittens, and a Cossack-style fur hat.