Scania is a minor character, important primarily as a symbol and focus of the time-honored conflict between Sweden and Denmark. Although he first appeared in "The Love Story of Bornholm," the details of his character were not established until his second appearance in "Who's Your Daddy?", in which he was revealed to be the lovechild of Sister Sweden and Denmark. As a Swedish province rather than a nation, he is still an adolescent.



At first, Sister Sweden avoided telling Scania who his father was, and he still may not know. He naturally gets along well with Denmark anyway - much better than with his uncle Sweden, who tends to find fault with him. Brother Sweden tries to be a father figure to his nephew, but ever since learning who sired him, he has let his frustrations with Denmark color his treatment of Scania.


In "The Love Story of Bornholm," Scania appeared to be an adult and his hair had a dishwater shade. Once his backstory was determined, he began to be depicted about 15 or 16 years old, with pale blond hair with a bit of curl to it, indicating his mixed parentage. He wears a collared shirt with the design of the provincial flag.