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England, Wales, Ireland, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Sealand, Australia (Unknown Relation)



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Scotland is a minor character, though he has been appearing more often lately, most recently as a major player in the "British Isles" print booklet. Currently part of the United Kingdom along with England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, he has expressed interest in seceding so that he can rule himself instead of taking his marching orders from England. Should that come to pass, he may well end up being counted as a Nordic country.

Relationships Edit

Scandinavia/Nordics Edit

Scotland and the Scandinavian countries used to get together, get all dolled up, and raid England as a team. They're still rather good friends, and if he actually does quit the UK, they are enthusiastic to accept him as one of the Nordics thanks to their shared history. It might be a good idea for England to watch his back and stay on his toes...

Family Edit

Scotland's "family" consists of the other nations of the UK, as well as extended family such as Ireland, America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The exact details of all these relationships have not yet been determined. Scotland doesn't get along with England, however, which is why he's considering leaving the union.

The World Edit

Scotland is seen as a guest at Greece's drinking party, though he has already passed out by the time the reader gets a window on the scene. This may indicate that he's a lightweight when it comes to alcohol, or just that he drinks more than he talks at these affairs.


Scotland is pale and has medium length, dull blond hair with a full beard and mustache. He wears a long-sleeved shirt with the design of the Scottish flag, a green tam o'shanter with a red bobble, and--most notably when attacking England--a kilt.