Sister America, like most of the sisters, is a relatively minor character, notable mostly for the ways in which she differs from her brother. Like him, she is outgoing, energetic, prideful, culturally naive, and determined to have things her own way. The main difference is her position on the political spectrum--where Brother America is an ignorant knee-jerk conservative, she is an ignorant knee-jerk liberal. It takes a special sort of mind to stand up fervently for gay rights...while at the same time believing "gay" to be a synonym for "penguin." Her interest in the subject seems to stem from her aesthetic preference for male slash romance.

Appearance[edit | edit source]


Sister America has long, straight, bleached blond hair, brown eyes, and a stylishly thin figure with breast implants. She wears a sleeveless, strapless, midriff-baring top with the design of the American flag, a shocking pink miniskirt, square sunglasses, and big gold hoop earrings, sometimes with one or more matching bracelets. She also carries a bright pink purse and she always has a Chihuahua (called Ottawa) sitting on her head.

Originally depicted with light skin, ever since the comic a Trip Into American Culture she has appeared with skin as tanned as her brother's.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Scandinavia: On her first visit to the area, Sister America did nothing but complain about the weather. Much to his chagrin (but no one's surprise), Denmark was attracted to her anyway. Since then, Sister America has warmed up to the Scandinavian countries, primarily because Norway and Denmark's closeness appeals to her fondness for slash pairings. (She once tried to design a "Friendship flag" hybridizing her own with Norway's, but wound up with the Confederate Stars and Bars.) She isn't nearly as interested in Sweden even though he is unambiguously gay, but that's probably not so much an American thing as it is a fangirl thing.

Family: Sister America and Brother America bicker a lot, mostly over political issues. Her relationship with the rest of her sprawling family has not been revealed. It must be noted that she does not wear Sister Canada as a hat, giving that place of honor to her Chihuahua named Ottawa. (Whether the dog actually represents the Canadian capital or just shares its name remains to be seen.)

The World: Sister America has made friends with Sister Japan based on their shared love of guy-on-guy romance ("Fangirls"). She mostly doesn't get along with other countries, though... not only does she have a bad attitude from being so spoiled, but there's too much potential for them to contradict her preferred pairings.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "What is this?! This is not Norway/Denmark! Don't you dare make fangirls hearts, Japan! I do not approve of Denmark/Germany!"
  • "You're so evil!! I bet that if you came across a gay nest you'd totally break their eggs and stuff!!"
  • "Did you know there's more Norwegians in USA than in Norway?"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She is a quasi-parody of American hotel heiress, Paris Hilton.
  • Norway once remarks that her breasts don't "jiggle" like normal breasts, due to their plastic implants.
  • She is voiced by pendulumwriter in a test animation on SATW's official YouTube channel.
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