The first appearance of Sister Iceland.

Sister Iceland is a secondary character in the comics. Out of all of the Nordic sisters, she has appeared the least, so her personality hasn't been explored much. The little that is known about her is that she is easily seduced by vampires, she likes ponies (suggesting that she might be a stereotypical girly girl), is more reserved in contrast with Sister Sweden (being mortified when she stole her bikini and when stumbling upon her porn, more so than Sister Norway and Sister Finland) and she has good relations with her fellow Nordic sisters and her brother. However it can be presumed that, like most sisters, she shares her brother's personality and tastes.

Sister Iceland's appearance is almost identical to her brother's. She wears a sports top emblazened with the Icelandic flag and blue ski goggles (which are oval at each end, and are smaller and less angular than her brother's). She has sparkles around her body to emphasise her beauty, her skin is very pale, and she has hair so blonde that it is almost white. In fact the only differences with her brother is that she is shorter, has longer hair (which covers just under half her face - so you can still see both her eyes - with her ear poking out the side), has different ski goggles, and, obviously, she has boobs.