Sister Japan
Sister Japan is a secondary character in the comic. Unlike most of the "Sisters", she has appeared almost as many times as her brother, and for a while had even made more appearances. She is very demure, friendly and polite, but beneath her soft-spoken exterior she is secretly a raging yaoi fangirl who finds boy-on-boy romance so alluring that it gives her explosive nosebleeds. Despite her love of gay fantasies, she is still attracted sexually to boys, as she finds Germany to be sweet. Even when Denmark and the Netherlands use Germany as a yaoi victim, she still never gets angry, proving that she is very mild-mannered. As well as this, she is clean and neat, which is the reason England invites her and her brother to tea parties.



Sister Japan has been seen twice with her brother (three times if you include the Know Your Tourist postcards) and this would imply that the two get along.

The WorldEdit

Sister Japan gets along easily with others due to her gentleness and good manners. She is friends with Sister America based on their shared love of male slash pairings and overall fascination with each other's culture. The former caused Denmark to take special notice of her, and to flirt with her by insinuating that he and Germany were an item. However, she responded by developing a soft spot for Germany instead, which he reciprocated. So it may be sour grapes that leads Denmark (with help from the Netherlands) to sabotage their budding relationship with constantly escalating "surprise yaoi" pranks. It is likely that she is friends with England as he invites her to his tea parties.


Sister Japan is depicted with the same caricatured Oriental features (slit eyes and a yellowish cast to the skin) as her brother. Her hair is black, very long and straight and evenly cut both back and front (bangs). She wears a long-sleeved, high-necked shirt with the design of the Hinomaru, a black skirt, white tights or knee socks, and Mary Janes.